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    24×7 Deal Global Payment Settlement Solutions for e-Commerce

    E-commerce is one of the most challenging
    sectors of business

    Companies in this field face both strong competition and multiple challenges. Creating and managing payment reconciliation systems on different markets in multi providers environment is one of them. However, companies often have insufficient resources to get ahead in this tough aspect of the business. In order to overcome such limitations, firms seek partners with knowledge, skills and global experience in financial settlement solutions.

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    24x7 Deal full service e-commerce

    Companies often have insufficient resources to get ahead in this tought market. In order to overcome such limitations, firms seek business partners with knowledge, experience and skills in e-commerce.

Many companies prefer not to deal with the difficulties of payment settlements without support.

Firms dealing with CPG/FMCG, retail or manufacturing often use external experts to manage such services. This kind of partnership is often necessary when companies lack the resources to develop payment settlement systems, taking into account the legal and financial requirements on different markets.

As an external financial solutions and settlement systems provider, 24×7 Deal has all necessary means to help our clients meet the legal and functional requirements of the market. Thanks to our well-established networks, know-how and fully-operational solutions, our clients can extend their e-commerce business quickly, efficiently and safely.

Reliable partnership

Cooperation with an external services provider does not mean lack of control. Our aim is to fulfill our clients' demands and needs to the highest possible standard. That’s why we focus on effective communication with our partners throughout the whole process.

About us

24×7 Deal offers comprehensive payment settlement solutions for a broad spectrum of firms. We work for a vast number of companies around the globe, providing our clients with high quality services. We work with popular and reliable platforms, we integrate our customers' businesses with the payment settlement environment.

At 24×7 Deal, we take care of our clients' payment platforms, offering complete solutions for enterprise integration. Our approach enables companies to become highly competitive on the e-commerce market. Simply put, when equipped with our innovative solutions, firms can focus exclusively on their clients' experience.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.
Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Our Competitive Advantages

Always Competitive

The e-commerce market is still young, and changes fast. We keep up with all recent developments, providing our clients with flexible solutions. That’s how we make sure our clients are always competitive.

Customizable Solutions

Companies have developed their own ways of working in an online environment. In response, 24×7 Deal offers a set of flexible segments. Our clients can choose from a wide range of solutions and platforms perfectly fitted to their needs.

Transparent Pricing

Tiered- or fixed-revenue e-commerce outsourcing providers charge as much as 40% of GMV (revenue). 24×7 Deal is different. We offer a clear pricing plan for each of our client. With per-transaction or usage-based pricing models, our clients always know what they’re paying for.

Easy Integration

At 24×7 Deal we do our best to offer products which can be easily adapted to existing systems. Our solutions are designed to be effortlessly integrated with clients’ existing technologies. They may also be connected to third-party technologies in order to create a solid ecosystem.

Keeping up with the Changing Market

It is obvious that today's consumers' habits change rapidly with the development of technology. 24×7 Deal provides tools that ensure better integration, data transfer and consistent user experiences.

Go Global

The number of internet users and online spending per capita have been growing consistently, creating new opportunities for companies using e-commerce solutions. 24×7 Deal’s international experience is a significant advantage for our customers. Our customers have access to numerous markets around the world.

Good design is good business

Our services

Full analysis of existing systems

We offer comprehensive services for companies who want to outsource their e-commerce payment settlement operations. Our company can analyze a broad spectrum of offers of settlement systems, including banking systems from different operators. The most important value is our experience in analysis of all business aspects of mass payments systems and recommendation the most suitable solution.

New system integration consulting

Our company can help to choose new system that is most suitable for the customer, taking into account the preferences on individual markets as well as legal and financial requirements. We assist in the development of tools, processes and procedures in the area of payment settlement services aimed at their optimization and automation. 24×7 Deal provides them with top quality services, enabling their businesses to become more competitive.

Global Business Solutions Support

Regardless of where your company or your audience is located, you can now reach new customers with ease. We can provide customers/company payment settlement platform in more than 50 countries, enabling you to succeed while focusing on the growth of your business. Moreover, 24×7 Deal provides customers with the support of all relations with the suppliers of services related to settlements. We connect our clients with external settlement providers.

Multi-currency Services

It’s easier to expand globally when you have access to a wide selection of currencies and locally-preferred payment options. Thanks to our relationships with financial institutions — banks, payment providers and processors, and networks — you can swiftly enter new markets. Today, in cooperation with our global partners, we deliver all relevant payment modalities in more than 50 countries using 27 currencies. Our partners' systems are PCI and SSA16 certified and meet all the security standards.

IT tools and systems

We offer modeling and development of IT tools and system solutions enabling the provision of on-going settlement services with respect to customers' settlement within the framework of its activities. We provide payment settlement support services on many different platforms and integrate our clients' services.

Multichannel Experience

24×7 Deal cooperates with experienced digital agencies. With our partners, we can offer a wide variety of services including site design, responsive web design, site testing, and optimization.

Our clients

Why You Should Work with 24×7 Deal

E-business is a growing and thus more and more competitive field. What’s more, consumer demands and expectations change rapidly, and standards are pushed higher and higher. Even the biggest players on the markets can have problems dealing with such challenges on their own. 24×7 Deal is a specialized, experienced and reliable partner for payment settlements. We ensure our customers' high position on the market, growth and profits.

Many Companies Seek Help in Managing their payment settlements

Managing payment settlement services on different markets can be a challenge even for a well-established business. Rapid changes in technology and customer behavior are hard to track. That’s why many firms cooperate with an external company for such services. The list below shows some of the reasons for choosing 24×7 Deal.

Your company is new to financial specifics of particular markets

Developing a payment settlement system is a challenge. Building it from scratch is time consuming and requires broad knowledge and resources. 24×7 Deal offers comprehensive solutions enabling our clients to enter different markets easily.

Your company lacks internal resources

In e-commerce, expertise in many fields is necessary – payment settlement systems and contacts with banks being just a few examples. With our support as a full service partner, a company can run its e-commerce operations more efficiently.

Your company wants to reach new markets or launch new product or services

Expansion into new markets and new branches of business requires knowledge of local consumers' behavior. For a company with limited resources this can prove an overwhelming challenge. With its experience on the global market and wide range of products and services, 24×7 Deal is a reliable partner for companies willing to expand.

Your company struggles with particular aspects of payment settlements

Some companies look for assistance in core aspects of payment settlements and integration it with existing systems in the company. However, more and more companies are looking for partners in crucial everyday operations, such as organizing payment system and modeling and integrate them with the whole company. 24×7 Deal has experience in both new business initiatives and core operations.

Your company has too many payment system partners

Some companies use services of many partners for various aspects of e-commerce. This may cause disturbances due to incompatible systems used by particular services providers. 24×7 Deal offers full-service solutions which are easy to integrate into existing structures of the company.

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